Clínica Physis

In the heart of Valencia, Barea is commissioned the creation of a space that conveys a sense of peace and tranquility to clients, where crossing the threshold immediately immerses them in a state of meditation, an essential condition for healing mind, body, and soul.

Flexible spaces have been created for various activities such as yoga, pilates, functional training, and therapy rooms. These are some of the facilities that make up the program of this venue, designed with the aspiration to generate an environment where physical, mental, and spiritual care coexist in harmony.

The café, integrated into the project, aims to offer healthy cuisine with seasonal ingredients, where natural foods take center stage. This premise is carried through to the project itself, where natural materials bathe the space with Mediterranean warmth throughout its entire conception.

Greens, ochres, woods, ceramics, and clays are serenely combined in a space that opens to the city of Valencia through large patios and windows, turning the project into an oasis of light and vegetation within the urban fabric.

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