Secondary School in Algimia

2019 - Valencia, Spain


3rd Price



Competition to develop the project of a Secondary School in Algimia.

Bearing in mind the complexity of the programme, three volumes are created to optimize sunlight and orography. Connected by covered walkways, the structures meet a central space intended for recreation and sports, minimizing leveling operations and achieving the integration of the building with the surroundings.

The main building is L-shaped and houses the classrooms, connected vertically by a naturally lit and ventilated atrium which serves as nexus between floors.
Integrating the vegetation, the atrium space transforms the communicating paths and corridors into a high-quality atmosphere to interact.

A second structure accommodates a sports complex and multipurpose space. The layout proposal connects the cafeteria and the access plaza to this complex, enabling the independent use of both for events and festivities when the the school is closed.