2015 - Madrid, Spain





The project’s scope is to create the image of an Italian restaurant in downtown Madrid. Taking as starting point the varied Mediterranean cuisine offered by the restaurant, Jose Barea Arquitectos proposes a space inspired by the Amalfi coast, and creates an environment that takes the customer to a romantic place away from the bustle of the city.

The space is configured by building a succession of vaulted porches, where ducts are hidden and indirect lighting is integrated. Natural vines grow around these porches, creating an environment that reinterprets the traditional gardens of the Amalfi coast.

The materiality and colour palette is deeply inspired by the coastal tradition. Mosaics of natural stone and aged brass metalwork are interspersed with the yellow and blue textiles, colours that refer to the Mediterranean Sea and the lemon, native fruit of the area.

The intention of creating a delicate space has led to care for each line, materials and textures, creating cohesion between all the elements that make up the project, generating perspectives that dialogue with the viewer.

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